Saving the Environment One Rubbish Bin at a TimeSaving the Environment One Rubbish Bin at a Time

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Saving the Environment One Rubbish Bin at a Time

Changing the environment on your own can feel impossible, but if everybody works together, all of our individual efforts actually can make a difference. Hi, my name is Mary, and I am a firm believer that everyone can make a difference. Even the objects you throw in your rubbish bin or save for the recycling matters when it comes to the environment. If you are interested in exploring the intersection between rubbish and the environment, I invite you to explore this blog. I plan to focus on the small changes you can make, and I may include other topics as well. Please, explore, and if you enjoy this blog, share it with your friends!

4 Home Improvement Projects That Call for Skip Bin Hire

Home improvement projects often result in a buildup of excess rubbish, which has to be handled and disposed of in accordance with local rules and regulations. Skip bin rental is ideal for handling waste generated when you are performing any of the following home improvement activities:


Gardening is not only a great way to add to the curb appeal of a home, but it is also an enjoyable pastime for DIY landscapers. If looking after your garden is one of your favourite distractions, you will need skip bins for soil and organic waste such as weeds, natural grass, leaves and flower clippings taken out of the garden. For easy movement around the garden, you can select skip bins with castor wheels.

As garden waste is biodegradable, you can dispose of the waste in a compost pit located within your property once skip bins get filled. Hence, you might not need to hire so many units, and you can avoid waste disposal costs.

Home makeovers

House renovations often mean that you are bringing something new into your house to replace an older item. If you intend to tear down part of your house during the renovation process, you have to be aware of the components of the construction waste.

For instance, waste cement may contain asbestos, which will have to be removed and packaged properly before being put in separate skip bins. If you are going to change furniture, you can hire general waste skip bins that are large enough to carry them.

House moves

Moving house presents an excellent opportunity for you to sort out unwanted items from what you really need in your new place. All general waste such as paper, plastic, cardboard, wood, etc. should go into a large skip bin, while separate bins are required for toxic waste such electronics, car batteries, and so on. This way, skip bins help reduce the volume of stuff that you will need transported to the new home, reducing your moving costs in the process.

Cleanup projects

Even if you clean your home regularly, you need to occasionally give it a good clean to rid it of dirt buildup in areas that are often neglected. As you give your home a thorough sweeping, dusting, and mop service, you may come across various general waste items that you need de-cluttered from your home. Skip bins can be rented to rid of such rubbish, no matter its volume.

For more information about hiring skip bins for these projects or others around your house, contact a local company like Binshoot Bin Hire